Split Package System Controls-An Analysis

Packaged vs Split System

Packaged System – The entire air conditioning package is assembled at the factory and arrives in a single cabinet unit that’s ready to install on the exterior of the home. It can be situated on a concrete slab at a selected point along the building’s foundation, or it can be placed on the roof. The package includes a condenser, a compressor and an evaporator coil. Some include electric heating coils or a natural gas furnace, completely eliminating the need for an indoor heat source. The interior ductwork connects to the Packaged Air Conditioning System through an exterior wall.Do you want to learn more? Visit Split Package System Controls


Simplicity of Design – All of the components are in one cabinet. All that’s needed is the interior ductwork.

Refrigerant – The Package System arrives fully charged. It’s set to run on factory settings for peak efficiency.

Installation Cost – This type of air conditioner installation is generally less costly because it’s less labor intensive.

Space Saving – This is a great choice when there’s a lack of indoor space for components. Mobile homes and homes that have only a crawl space, for instance.


Exposure to Environment – All of the operating controls and electrical elements are located outdoors. If moisture gets into the system, it can create a number of issues. For instance, rusting can occur much faster.

Damage From Animals – The operation of the unit produces heat that attracts wildlife seeking a warm place to nest. Animals can chew through the insulation and wiring. This is most apt to be a potential problem in snowy, rainy climates.

Less Efficient – The Packaged AC Systems show far less efficiency; the units typically have a SEER rating in the range of 13-15.

Split System – A split AC system consists of 3 primary components. A condenser and compressor are housed in a cabinet unit that typically sits on an exterior slab. An evaporator coil is located in an interior cabinet, usually in the attic or inside a closet. An indoor air handler is usually provided by the furnace or a heat pump to push the conditioned air along the ductwork.


Ease of Layout – Split air conditioning systems easily accommodate custom layout design configurations; they can utilize down-flow, up-flow or horizontal flow, as needed.

Optimum Energy Efficiency – There’s a very wide SEER ratings range (13-25) that allows a greater opportunity to own an optimally energy-efficient air conditioning system.


Higher Installation Cost – Split Air Conditioner System installation is more labor intense because it requires both interior and exterior work.

Important Note: It’s usually the most budget-friendly option if there’s already a heating system in place and you’re installing a new ac unit or replacing one that’s inefficient.

Refrigerant – Unlike the Central AC Package Systems, the Split AC Systems can’t be charged until all of the lines have been connected.

Vital Inforamtion Regarding Shutters

With winter fast approaching now is the time to think about keeping your home cosy and secure by investing in plantation shutters or solid shutters. As the evenings get darker and the nights colder, we want to switch on the lights, turn up the central heating and make our homes warm and snug. Shutters offer an attractive way to keep the heat in, whilst also maintaining your privacy. This article will look at the benefits of plantation shutters and solid shutters to keep your home safe and cosy this season.Checkout Shutters for more info.

Plantation Shutters and Solid Shutters – A Great Choice for the Home

Originating from pre civil war America, plantation shutters are louvered panels which can either be fixed to the inside, or outside of windows and doors. They are available in hardwood, painted wood or can be waterproofed for use in bathrooms, wetrooms, shower rooms and swimming pools.Plantation shutters come in three types: café style shutters, full height shutters and tier on tier shutters. Café style shutters were originally used in France to create an intimate dining experience without compromising on natural light. They cover just the bottom half of the window, helping to maintain privacy whilst still allowing in plenty of natural light. Café style plantation shutters are a very smart and cost effective way of introducing shutters in the home.As the name implies, full-length shutters cover the entire window and are a simple and appealing choice for the home or office. The third alternative, tier on tier shutters, cover the entire window aperture in 2 sections. These offer a versatile solution, as the louvered panels can be opened independently of one another to control lights levels and privacy.Solid shutters were used in Victorian times to keep the heat in. Unlike plantation shutters, they consist of solid panels, instead of louvers and are popular today in restored period homes. Made from cedar wood, or stained or painted in a wide range of finishes, solid shutters bring the home-owner many benefits. For example, they insulate the home, shut out external noises and completely block out the light. In addition, solid shutters make good partitions as they can be used as high quality, light folding doors.

Keep Heating Bills Down with Solid Shutters and Plantation Shutters

When the weather turns cold outside, it can quickly affect the temperature inside. Winds, frost and rain can rapidly reduce the temperature of a home or office and cause you to put on an extra layer of clothing or turn up the heating, leading to higher household bills.Both solid shutters and plantation shutters can help to insulate your home against the cold, by reducing heat loss through window glass.If you choose solid shutters for your home, then these can be closed fully to add a layer of wood which entirely covers the window, reducing drafts and chills. This can be particularly effective in bedrooms at night, where you will also benefit from deep restorative sleep caused by the black-out effect they create.In other rooms you may prefer plantation shutters. Here the louvered slats can be moved to the closed position, or partially closed, to still allow in some natural light. Or you could choose café style shutters or tier on tier shutters to reduce drafts and heat loss through the bottom half of your window and allow light in through the top.

Retaining Privacy and Security with Solid Shutters and Plantation Shutters

Another aspect that is more important in winter, when the nights are longer and darker, is security and privacy within your home. This is because when it is dark outside, and light inside it is easier for people to see in. Both plantation shutters and solid shutters act as a barrier to stop this happening, ensuring your privacy, modesty and security!Solid shutters can be fully closed at night time, for a cosy protected feel within your home and complete privacy from the outside world. They also make it much harder for an intruder to break in, due to the substantial extra layer they would have to break through. Then during the day, shutters can be opened again to allow in ventilation and natural light. Plantation shutters can also be switched to the closed position as dusk falls. Or the louvered slats of plantation shutters can be quite cleverly adjusted so that even during the day, when you require light to be let into the room, an onlooker’s line of sight is interrupted, blocking their view into your home.

A Closer Look Into Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry

Caring for your teeth is an important part of overall health maintenance. Choosing the right practice to care for your family’s dental needs is a difficult decision to make. Finding a qualified family dentistry practice can enable every member of your family to see the same practitioners, which can simplify your life.

Assessing the Training

The qualifications of a family dentistry clinic will be one of the main factors that you consider as you assess various practices. Dentists must attend a dental school to receive formal training. After graduation, the next step involves testing to earn a license. Caring for teeth is an evolving process as methods of care and new techniques continue to be released. To remain cognizant of the latest advancements within the field, a professional needs to receive additional training every year. Membership within organizations is also preferred to ensure ongoing training. Read more at Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry.

Experience Counts

It is recommended to take your family to a respected dentist with years of experience and reliable credentials. Ask about the procedures the professional has experience with, and the number of times the professional has performed the procedures, to get an idea of their proficiency.

Services Offered

Some family dentistry offices only offer general care, and others provide other types of procedures in additional to the general care. Possible services that could be offered include orthodontics, sedation, and restorative or cosmetic dentistry. If you find a clinic that offers these services, find out more details, such as the number of procedures performed and the length of time the clinic has been offering this type of care. A professional should have specific training and experience in specialized services. For example, cosmetic dentistry involves a number of very specialized procedures. If you need this type of care, make sure the professional you choose has the required expertise. If a clinic does not offer the services you need, find out about referrals to other professionals.

Consider the Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the office can also play a part in your decision in choosing a clinic. Visit the office and notice the waiting room, the staff, and the exam rooms. Look around to see whether the offices feel comfortable and look clean. Note the staff and whether they seem professional and friendly. If you have young children, the staff should be able to help your kids feel comfortable and safe by explaining terms and procedures in a nonthreatening way.

Additional Details

Ask questions about additional details that are a part of tooth care. For example, find out how the clinic handles emergencies and whether emergency appointments are available during off hours. Ask about availability of appointments and the typical wait for a cleaning appointment. Find out about cancellation policies, co-payments, and make sure the office takes your insurance, if applicable. With some research, you can ensure that the practice you choose for your family dentistry care will serve everyone’s needs for many years. Having a professional that you know and trust to take care of your teeth can be a source of great comfort.

The Pillars of Marketing Success

Does the following give a pretty good picture of your current marketing activity?

You have a website but you’re not really satisfied with it. You go to networking events once in awhile. If someone asks you to give a talk, you’re happy to do it. You post on Facebook and/or LinkedIn semi-regularly. When you find the time, you send an article to those on your relatively small email list. You occasionally set up meetings with colleagues to explore opportunities.Visit marketing.

Now there’s nothing wrong with any of those marketing activities. And usually, they will result in landing some new clients.

But this is not the approach that works to get a steady, predictable stream of new clients.

Please don’t tune me out here, thinking, “Well, I really can’t do more than this. I’m already stretched thin. If you give me too much to do I’ll get overwhelmed.”

I agree. It’s not that you need to do more marketing, it’s that you need to shift your marketing paradigm from one of “Randomness” to one that is “Focused.”

Random marketing is just that; it’s all over the place. You do a little bit here and a little bit there on an inconsistent basis. You are trying to keep your face, name, and message in front of your prospective clients but the results are unpredictable.

The Random marketing paradigm is not very effective because it doesn’t gain a lot of momentum. You don’t do enough of one marketing activity to grab the attention of your prospective clients and move them to take action.

The Focused Marketing Paradigm is very different. It’s based on repeatedly communicating very directly to your target market with a very definite end in mind. It gets the attention of your prospective clients and they ultimately take action.

The Focused Marketing Paradigm has Five Pillars

Understand and implement these five pillars and I promise you’ll see a shift in your marketing results.

Pillar One: Focused Goals

A Random goal is saying something like, “I’d like to attract a few more clients to my business.” Not very compelling is it?

A Focused goal is much more specific. “My goal is to land 3 new clients in the high-tech plastics business in the Houston area with an average project size of $30,000 each by the end of the year.”

The more detail, depth, and specificity about the goal, the better. You’ve really thought through what you want to achieve and also have confidence that you could deliver if you did reach your goal. It’s so real to you that you can taste it.

What is the Focused Goal for your marketing?

Pillar Two: Focused Program or Service

Random programs or services are generalized consulting, coaching or training programs. “I offer management consulting and training to corporations.” Kind of vague, right? But this is what I hear all the time.

A Focused Program or Service is more tangible. “I offer the high-tech plastics industry Management Acceleration Programs for emerging leaders in the industry.”

In my business, I’ve always offered programs: The Marketing Mastery Program, the Marketing Action Group, and the More Clients Club. And each program has very specific parameters, deliverables, and objectives. It sure makes intangible services easier to market and sell.

Information Regarding Absolute Insurance

Do you have a farmhouse in the country side? If yes, is it well-protected? One of my colleagues had to face the same problem. While he lodged a complaint with the police, he needed money for repairing his property. Monitoring property continuously is not humanly possible, especially when it is located at a remote place. What if your property and things get damaged? You will have to pay huge repair bills. Absolute Insurance

This is where home insurance policies seem to be effective. Home insurance is a kind of property insurance that is designed to protect your home. Damages to the property, house or its contents are covered under the policies. A host of items such as furniture, electronic equipment, clothes, jewelry, etc can be insured as the valuables kept in the house. Excluding physical intrusions by criminal elements, the umbrella cover is also extended to accidents at home and risks from natural calamities like floods, fire, earthquake, rock fall, landslide, etc.

Furthermore, the insurance policies also cover your rent expenses if you are forced to move out to another place along with your family due to damage, fire or other insured disasters. The policy will allow you to get additional costs of living away from home.

Hence, you should consider an insurance plan that covers damages owing to accidents such as fire and gas cylinder explosions apart from burglary and theft. This is how you will be able to safeguard your property from unforeseen events and natural calamities with a simple home insurance policy. This is important to understand that if you opt for more and more facilities available under cover natural disasters, the premium goes up.

Before you buy home insurance policies, ensure you are satisfied with the terms. If the coverage benefits do not cater to your needs, your hard-earned money in the form of premiums could be a colossal waste. Read the exclusions (things not covered) thoroughly in order to understand the terms. You can read them online on the home page of the insurance brand. In general, the damage to your property caused by wear and tear are not covered. It is essential to understand that the list of exclusions can vary from company to company.

Known by different names like ‘Home Insurance’ and Home and Contents Insurance’, it is a policy custom-made for persons like my colleague. By getting your home insured, you can be free of distress as the insurance plan will offer a complete protection against fire, theft, lighting, vandalism, and other unpredictable threats. Whether or not you visit your far-away house, you can sleep in peace in the other house or rented accommodation. To conclude, find a reputed insurance company. There are many insurance companies that offer home insurance. You can find them online. A big insurance company will allow you to shop their policies online. So, get your home insured and live a risk-free and care-free life.

Ultimate Guide To Pothole Repairs Perth

Potholes are ubiquitous. From parking lots to driveways, from asphalt pavements to highways, these are found everywhere. Changing weather, large amount of snow fall, repeated freeze-thaw cycles only add more misery by causing them more frequently and in big sizes.Pothole Repairs Perth

 How are potholes created?

Cracks are common in driveways and roads and are caused due to heavy traffic volume and soil stabilization issues. Moisture penetrates into these cracks and when it freezes during the cold months, the cracks expand. These expanded cracks force dirt and gravel out and when coupled with melting of ice, the stressed asphalt disintegrates to form a pothole.

How to repair potholes?

Potholes can be repaired using asphalt patching material. Asphalt patching products are of two types – cold asphalt and hot asphalt. Both have their own benefits and problems but cold asphalt proves to be a better solution for repairing potholes due to ease of use, handling, compaction and longer life. Though high performance cold mix asphalt costs more than the hot mix, over a period of time due to its sustainability, it proves to be the economic option.

Cold Asphalt or Hot Asphalt for pothole repair?

Hot Asphalt, as the name suggests is mixed at a high temperature, at about 300 F. All the steps of a pothole repair exercise too, are performed at high temperature. This becomes a serious limitation in frigid temperature conditions when the asphalt surface usually becomes so cold that hot mix cannot be applied properly.

Cold Asphalt is the correct solution for these lower temperatures and is mixed at lower temperatures. Cold asphalt is less viscous than hot asphalt and is compact and easy to use. Cold Asphalt usually offers serious benefits of being easier to use and manage and at the same time looks exactly like hot asphalt mix. Pothole repair can be an easy process, if adopted correctly with the right service material. Patching of potholes with cold mix asphalt can mean longevity and rescue from the process of repeated mixing, cleaning, pouring and compaction.