East Coast Injury-Chiropractic Care For Tension Headaches

Research and statistics indicate that headaches cause the loss of over 25 billion dollars each year in United States since frequent and episodic headaches are one of the most common causes of absence from work and low productivity. There are various types of headaches and the management of each type varies according to the patho-physiological factors. Although mild and infrequent headaches (one episode a month or less that responds to over the counter pain relievers) are considered normal; however if your headache episodes are unprovoked and are occurring at frequent intervals (two or more per week), they are not responsive to over the counter analgesics and rest and they are not associated with other features like dizziness, fatigue and lightheadedness, you may benefit from chiropractic therapy.Checkout East Coast Injury for more info.

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The prevalence of tension headaches is very high (approximately 78% of all the headaches are tension type) that are characterized by a constricting type of pain that starts from the back of head and involves neck and scalp. Researchers and investigators have been working for years to ascertain the exact cause of tension headaches. Extensive research indicates that they could be due to changes in the biochemical environment of brain due to alterations in the secretion of some neurotransmitters, improper posture and wear and tear changes in the bones affect muscular activity (tightening or contraction of muscles affect the blood supply to brain and/or teeth clenching which increases the pressure on the tempo-mandibular joint leading to irritation and damage to joint. TMJ irritation is another leading cause of tension headaches and is reported frequently in individuals with sleep disorders.

Women are at higher risk of developing tension headaches when compared to men. Advancing age and sudden/ abrupt changes in the biochemical environment of the body also increases the risk of tension headaches. Changes in the concentration of estrogen (just before menstruation or during peri- menopausal years) the risk of tension headaches increase tremendously. Also, chronic and excessive stress, sleep disorders and drug abuse are also strong risk factors that are associated with tension headaches.

In order to manage episodic headaches (especially cervicogenic headaches and tension type headaches) chiropractic therapy is often helpful. Research suggests that cervical misalignment or subluxation can also lead to headaches and with spinal adjustments performed by chiropractors to restore neuronal connectivity. A number of studies conducted on patients with chronic tension type headaches indicated that the overall efficacy of chiropractic therapy is far more superior to other pharmacological remedies, with very little risk of side effects.

Biofeedback training is helpful in controlling the strength of muscles and preventing the buildup of excessive tension in the cervical muscles, ligaments and joints. Chiropractors also introduce relaxation exercises and posture management strategies that aims at correcting and preventing any muscular and nervous abnormality; thereby minimizing the risk of recurrence. Oftentimes, the posture while working or sitting in front of computer for long hours affects the delivery of nutrients to neck muscles and joints; thereby leading to early destruction of joint spaces due to weakness and excessive wear and tear changes. Chiropractors help in correction of abnormal posture to prevent joint irritation.According to a report published by Endres, acupuncture therapy is also helpful in alleviating the episodes of tension headaches. He reported more than 50% reduction in the frequency, severity and recurrence of tension type headaches in 409 patients with 10 sessions of acupuncture therapy in a period of 6 weeks (30 minute each)

Kassak published a report in the Journal of Manipulative Physiology Therapeutics according to which chiropractic spinal manipulation is reported to be much superior to amitriptyline in the management of chronic tension headaches. He suggested that long term therapy was not associated with any complications as opposed to amitriptyline therapy. The report concluded that “Spinal manipulative therapy showed a reduction of 32% in headache intensity, 42% in headache frequency, 30% in over-the-counter medication usage and 16% in functional health status”.

Another study conducted by Biondi also suggested that chiropractor’s spinal manipulation is superior to other pharmacological therapies available for the management of recurrent tension type headaches. Chiropractors also introduce nutritional guidelines to promote bone and joint strength and stability.If you have any of the following condition, you should seek other remedies for the management of tension headaches. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you should speak to your primary care physician for the management of tension headaches, if the episodes of headache are followed by moderate to severe head injury or with associated symptoms like stiff neck, fever, vomiting, rigidity and seizure activity or if you are experiencing signs of motor or sensory abnormalities, visual impairment, discrepancies in the memory and other symptoms, you must seek the advice of expert neurologist.

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Besides chiropractic care, a number of lifestyle modifications may play a preventive role in decreasing the intensity and frequency of headaches. If you have a sedentary lifestyle or your job responsibilities require long hours of computer work, you can take frequent breaks from work (at least once in 30 minutes for 2 to 3 minutes) you can stretch your neck muscles, walk around and stretch our upper limbs in air to prevent stiffness of neck muscles and resulting impaired blood supply to head region. Adopt yoga, meditation and other stress relieving exercises to manage the symptoms of pain and discomfort. Breathing exercises and hypnotherapy are long known as the ideally recommended stress management strategies. Massage is also helpful in alleviating an episode of headache by increasing the release of soothing brain neurotransmitters that abort an episode of severe headache.

Tension headaches are not a sign of any serious problem or long term complication, besides alteration in the day to day activities. You can easily manage the disturbing and disabling episodes of tension headaches by lifestyle modification, regular chiropractic therapy, relaxation and traditional strategies

Importance of Hiring New Office Furniture

One of the most cost-effective ways to overhaul the look, feel, and function of your office is to buy new furniture in Newcastle. There is no need to completely gut the space and put up new walls because high-quality furniture pieces can allow you to renovate your office without much fuss. Reputable Newcastle furniture stores offer a convenient way of purchasing the pieces you need via their online stores where you can select from their wide variety of choices at different price points.Of course, you can’t just browse mindlessly and buy everything that looks good. Proper planning is necessary so you can purchase pieces that will truly work for your space and your design objectives. Here are some tips to help you plan and find the right office furniture in Newcastle.more info¬†New Office Furniture

1Prioritise the basics

The first things pieces that you should get are the those that you need to work productively and comfortably. Ergonomic tables, chairs, and cabinets should always be your priority. Take the time when completing your checklist. Count the number of computers, printers, and users to know how many desks and chairs you will need to buy.

2Opt for functional office furniture

The best office furniture pieces don’t just look fancy-they are also designed for efficiency, functionality, and comfort. If your space is small and you want to make every inch count, then try to buy multipurpose or modular furniture. For example, pick an office table that comes built-in with drawers for storing files
Invest in comfortable office chairsIn a typical office setting, employees spend an average of 6 hours sitting and working at their desks. Since sitting is a big part of their workday, investing in the right office chair is important. When you feel comfortable while sitting, you can be more productive while working. The best Newcastle furniture stores offer ergonomic chairs that are designed to support the user’s posture.

3Consider the style of the office furniture

Factors like the colour, design, and quality of your new office furniture can affect the overall ambience of your working space. If you want your office to appear sophisticated and professional, then avoid cheap office furniture and invest in high-quality pieces that evoke a sense of solidity. If you want a fun and warm ambience, then buy modern and stylish office furniture.

Information About Ridgeback Bodies

Truck service body must come with all the accessories or fittings that make it easy for you to move comfortably and keep everything safe and organized. The companies manufacturing vehicle service bodies are now aware of the varied requirements and are striving to meet these demands that make work easy for the driver. Vehicle service bodies are now specially manufactured with truck toolboxes so as to provide additional truck storage and safety of the belongings.

A truck toolbox is an important part of a truck service body that allows to keep all belongings safe and also provides ample truck storage. The truck toolboxes make an addition to the overall storage space available and thus provide for keeping everything in place. You can have everything organized and get all that you need without having to search for it. Read more ridgeback bodies.

Truck toolboxes are available in different sizes and are made of different material to cater to the individual requirements of the user. Depending on whether you need a big truck toolbox to keep big items or want one with small partitions for storing small items, you could make your choice out of the wide range that is available. The truck toolbox is also made of different material ranging from plastic to steel catering to the requirements and budget of the customer. The toolbox allows to keep all the belongings safe. There are toolboxes that come with locking systems that make your belongings absolutely safe while you are doing long distances moving from one place to the other.

The truck toolbox also helps you keep all the accessories of your toolkit safe and organized so that you have exactly what you need. While moving from one place to another a requirement for tools could actually arise at any time, in fact, it generally arises at the most unexpected moment and so having everything handy is very important.

There are truck service body manufacturing companies that manufacture custom made bodies in keeping with your specific requirements. These companies aim at providing for your individual requirements perfectly and so having a custom truck service body is a good idea. By having it custom made for you all the requirements can actually be incorporated to suit your specific needs. By having a custom service body made you do not need to get an additional truck toolbox fitted but could have it incorporated in your truck service body itself. The truck toolbox thus, fitted would be more sturdy and durable and can be made to your specifications so as to accommodate all your belongings. A convenient and secure way to travel you can now have everything handy when you need it.

Common Pediatric Dental Problems-An Info

Child’s over all health will not be complete unless parents make sure that they maintain a healthy set of gums and teeth. Any oral problem which may occur to their children even in the early stages of their childhood may mean longer oral problem for your kids. It may result to dangerous and painful infections, poor self image or speech development delays. Of course! No parent would wish to see their child suffer any of these inconveniences and frustrations so it is best to identify the three top most dental problems in children.learn more

Thumb Sucking

Almost all infants pass through the stage of thumb sucking. If this is rarely performed by your child then you need not worry anything about it but if it becomes too habitual for your child then its about time you put an end to this bad habit. You have until your child’s age of five to correct this habit otherwise if thumb sucking continues even after five years of age then improper tooth formation and tooth caries may be experienced by your child.

Tooth Decay

Children enjoy eating sweets but parents are the one who feed their child with their daily nutrition. Train your children at a very early age that eating too much sweet is harmful not only for the internal health of a person but also for its oral health. If eating sweets is really unavoidable, then it is best to teach your children the proper way of brushing their teeth.

Nursing Bottle Caries

Infant need to drink milk but it does not mean allowing your children to sleep with their bottles stuck on their mouth. Never ever allow your child to sleep with their bottle still suck inside their mouth. If this would be difficult, then fill it in with water rather than milk before they go to sleep so spread of plaques and cavities can be avoided.