Hiring Veteran – Intro

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Veterans who served the country at war possess unique skills that a newbie doesn’t have. This makes them the most preferred choice to be hired by companies and organizations. Some of the outstanding skills that should make you consider hiring veteran are the following.

Leadership qualities are very important for an employee especially if the position is a managerial one. In the military, people are trained not only to accept but to also discharge responsibility for other people, resources, activities as well as their own behavior. From this training, the veterans have learned to lead by example, give direction that is carefully thought out and considered, inspire leadership qualities in other people and also motivate other people continually. Source

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About every military activity is performed with help from other members, coordination as well as awareness of other members in the team or units. A lot of military personnel in leadership positions have been trained to analyze situations as well as options, make appropriate decisions, give well-thought out directions and then follow through with a doable plan and then be ready to accept responsibility for the results. With these skills you can be sure that you are hiring an individual that not only knows how to do their work well, but they can also work well with other people in your company or organization.

Working Under Pressure and Meeting Deadlines
All military service members have the skills to work well under pressure and meet deadlines in a timely manner. All military service members are required to perform well at the task they are given. They have to do the task well the first time that it is allocated to them and deliver good results within the allocated time frame. In such kind of work situation, they are forced to continuously set priorities and make sure that they do that right, meet schedules and also accomplish the missions that they started.

Giving and Following Direction
While in the field, the veterans learned how to work well under supervision and also relate and respond well to other people. They know how to be accountable for their actions as well as the actions of their subordinates. With the chain of command they had to follow at the military they learned to respect as well as accept legal authority and also be good leaders to those below them in the chain of command.

Planning and Organizing
The military operations usually require thorough preparations as well as workload management. The factors that are carefully considered before embarking on a mission include the objectives of the mission, the strengths and weakness of some people, the available resources, supplies, time schedules, and logistics among other factors. When these skills are translated into your organization then you are sure that they will have a positive outcome.