LLC Registration – Forming an LLC Yourself

The LLC (short for limited liability company) is a legal entity that is now the most common choice for small business operations. The reason for this is that it gives LLC owners limited liability protection and other benefits and advantages such as tax ones. You can get overwhelmed with this topic because it is a creature of legal laws and the legalese and sometimes long Limited Liability Company Acts can get daunting. While structuring an LLC business, especially if you will have multiple owners, can be complex and should ideally required the services of a lawyer, the formation itself is not as complicated. However, a proper LLC formation is essential to ensuring that you get the liability protection and other benefits. So, do not take this step lightly and get all the information you need to make sure you do it right. The most important thing you need to do is to get all the information, instructions, forms, documents and requirements needed. Here are the three places you need to go to in order to make sure you cover all your bases:

1.State Agency Website. Visit the website of the state agency in your state that will process your LLC registration. Find the section on limited liability companies and print out all the booklets and forms applicable to this process. Each state differs in how many forms and schedules are applicable so just research your state’s site thoroughly. forming an llc with a lawyer

2.State Limited Liability Company Act. Every state has an official LLC law which is generally called the Limited Liability Company Act in each state (for example, the Virginia Limited Liability Company Act). Some states like California have gotten fancy by using another name. Just Google the name of your state plus “limited liability company act” and you should be able to easily find the law for your state. Find the provisions relevant to LLC formation, name requirements, registered agent and articles of organization and review them to determine LLC registration requirements.

3.Call Your State Agency. Each state has its own set of processes that it follows when accepting filings and processing them. It is always recommended you call and speak to your state to find out their official message of what is required of you. You may be surprised to find additional intricacies or requirements that are not found in the form documents or the laws. Also, when you are speaking with them, get them to check if your desired LLC name is available. Name issues are one of the biggest reasons for rejected filings.