Electric vs Gas Washer Buyer’s Guide & Review

Pressure washers are powerful and versatile cleaning tools. They are a true companion of the home owner. Along with removing dirt, grime, paint etc. they save time and water. Although you will find different types of gas and electric pressure washers in the market, we will zero in on the latter ones in this article, describing their uses, benefits, and some important tips that will help you in selecting and operating them.their article

The Essentials

As some of the best cleaning tools in the market, you can use electric power washers for both private and commercial cleaning assignments. Their design makes them ideal for indoor cleaning jobs. Since it only runs on an electric motor, the average electric washer is both portable and easy to carry. Another reason why it works best inside the house is that it requires connection with a power supply, which is difficult and even impossible outdoors.

Why Should You Choose Electric Pressure Washers? Some of the benefits of using electric power washers are:

They are Environmentally-Friendly

Using an electric pressure washer is an eco friendly way of cleaning your house. It does not release dangerous gases and hence poses no significant threat to your health.

They are Easy to Maintain

Unlike other machines, electric washers do not require maintenance services like oil changing, or replacing air filters after every month. This significantly brings down the total cost of owning and maintaining electric washers. This does not mean that you will never face any expenses. The life of the electric power washer largely depends on how you use it. Remember, electric washers are not used primarily for heavy, industrial cleaning jobs. When you use them on surfaces that require high PSIs for a long time, your machine can also break down.

Gas Pressure Washer

Pressure washers these days are becoming more and more popular as many homeowners are finding different kinds of uses for them. In fact, some have even started businesses using washers with services such as pressure cleaning, pressure paint stripping, and even using pressure to unclog drains.

When it comes to purchasing pressure washers, the biggest choice to make is whether to go for electric washers or gasoline-powered washers. If it comes to light pressure washing, such as cleaning patios, cars, and furniture, an electric washer is highly suitable enough as it is lighter, quieter and cheaper to operate. However, if you are planning much larger projects in mind, a gas washer is the one you will need.

The unit of measurement to help determine the cleaning power of a washer is through CU (Cleaning Units). This is determined by multiplying the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) towards the GPM (Gallons per Minute) which is rate of the flow of water. Most home faucets will have around 5 – 8 GPM at about 10 PSI. If you use a pressure washer, you exponentially increase the PSI to somewhere between 1,000 – 4,000 PSI, which is enough power to remove stubborn dirt and stains, and gasoline-powered washers are capable of delivering that much power.