Laser Hair Removal – Your Questions Answered

Hair removal is an issue which has plagued many men and women over time. It is believed that men would scrape off their facial hair during caveman times with sharp rocks, flints or seashells, as it would give adversaries less to hang on to in a fight. It would be believed that women have been relentlessly removing hair within only the last hundred years using various methods, but in actual fact, hair removal by women also dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Middle Eastern times when women would remove most of their body hair, leaving only their eyebrows.

Today hair removal is standard practice, and the extent to which how much hair is removed depends on the person. Laser hair removal is a more recent development, a technology considered to give permanent results. The equipment is made by top laser manufacturers, like Palomar. laser hair removal Houston

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is where a long pulse laser is directed at the follicle of the hair and disabling the hairs active growth cycle. The laser light and the duration of the pulse is matched to the size and depth of the follicle to best inhibit re-growth of the hair. It must be done by a properly trained laser specialist. Several treatments will be necessary as other hairs will be at different stages of their growth cycle at different times.

Is is for everyone?

Both men and women are using the treatment on a whole variety of areas, including the face, back, underarms, legs, bikini line and anywhere else there is unwanted hair. Laser hair removal works best on people with pale skin and dark coarse hair as the laser is attracted to the dark pigment.

Is is permanent?

Laser hair removal is considered permanent although has been found to not work on everyone depending on their hair and skin type. Treatment may remove most of the hair but you may need to follow up with electrolysis for any fine hairs that a laser can not remove. Most people will continue to need treatments once or twice a year. Initially at least 6 to 8 treatments will be needed to remove the hair, and this number will be determined by the area to be treated and what the hair is like. What type of hair removal a person used in the past will also influence the result.