Nolan Coaches Dublin – Review

VOSA: The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, has one of the many roles, that is to keep check and grade the companies that give coaches on hire regarding their potential safety. You might not find this interesting but you need to learn about this government body so that you can be updated with the safety information of the coach. The main responsibility of these agencies is to cut crime, protection of the environment, value people, save lives and deliver the value for money. Small efforts and statements made by such companies do not provide full safety. So what does it require to make a safe coach? A government agency, VOSA, has the responsibility of maintaining all updated data on all PSV, Public Service Vehicles. Coach hire vehicles are included in the Public Services Vehicles as coaches carry passengers on a cost agreed before the trip. Coaches can carry more than eight passengers and as a result they fall into the category of Large Public Service vehicles. A driver needs to possess a valid PSV license in order to drive a coach. To make the operation of the coach legal, the owner of the coach must obtain an appropriate and valid license for the coach and moreover, the registration of the coach must be done as a PSV vehicle. click to read more

One of the most important things for a coach hire operator is to have documents which are valid. A record of the coach will be made at the VOSA once the coach is registered at a vehicle licensing department. Quality checks at all levels must be made in place of this monitoring system to insure the quality of the information related to the coach, the coach’s owner and his/her employees. The information must be correct and up-to-date.
Due to the unpredictable nature of the industry, much care has to taken in recording and inspecting coaches and coach operators. Frequent maintenance of the coaches will be required. One year safety of a vehicle will not assure you its ‘road-worthiness’ when you look at it 6 months later on. After that a reliable coach driver may suffer from health problems etc. The reason behind the safety and assessment of this complex issue is its own nature laid with difficulties. There have been debates between information analysts, transport experts and transport providers for decades regarding the factors to consider while making assessment. VOSA was given all the powers in 2002 to administer and enforce the standards of all coach hire companies. Moreover, they are very helpful in developing safety standards of the vehicles. These safety standards must be passed on to the operators of the coach hire. It is the responsibility of VOSA and agencies working for the coach hire company to assess and enforce the safety standards. They have the responsibility of giving a feedback also.

Of the many changes to be made, one change was agreed and put into force in August 2008. The standard stated was “A Certificate of Professional Competence for Professional Bus/Coach Drivers”. The ways by which both bus and coach drivers were required to qualify were the changes made within this standard. The main intention behind this change was to standardize the licensing process throughout the European Union Member states.