Scrap Car- An Intro

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Most people, especially, in United States, change their car every few years. Sometimes when you get attached to your car and use it for a very long time, it can reach a state when it is nothing more than a junk of steel. If after several attempts at a repair jobs your car continues to let you down, it maybe a good idea to scrap your car. You can of course try to sell your car, and there is a good market for used cars, but there are many cars that have little or no resale value. Sometimes when people fail to sell their cars after repeated attempt and several advertisements they just let the machine lie in their garage and forget about it. There is nothing wrong with it, but that way your scrap car will only end up eating up a lot of space in your garage or your front lawn, which you could use for other purposes. Instead, you can choose to scrap your car; and, if you do it in a planned manner there may just be some pocket money for you in the deal.

There are several junkyards around the country that can take care of a scrap car. However, before you contact one of them to remove your car, you must ensure that they are government approves ones operating with a valid license. There are rules laid down by the government to ensure disposal of cars in an environmentally friendly way and you should by all means promote this noble effort. These yards that handle scrap car usually have a free towing service so that all you have to do is give them a call. Plus, some of them would also offer to buy the valuable parts from you and pay you money for the metal junk. But, before you get down to sending your car away to a scrap yard, there are a few things you must do yourself. Checkout read full article for more info.

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Junkyards that undertake the disposal of scrap car do not have any requirement for anything that is not metal. When they pay, they do so for the metal you hand over to them, and any other material in the load only brings down the amount of money you can squeeze out of the deal. It makes sense, therefore, to remove all those parts from your car before they tow it away. Dismantling a car is not an easy job and when you start doing it, you should call over a few friends to help you out. You may also want to treat your friends for some beers. In fact, there are people who throw car-dismantling parties to make the job a little fun.

When you get down to removing parts from your scrap car you have to begin with all the fluids like the wiper fluids, the oil, transmission fluid, etc. Next, you should remove the battery, the radiator, the carburetor, the distributor cap, spark plugs etc. Once you’re done with that you can get down to the heavier jobs and remove the engine, the exhaust, transmission, fenders, door panels, dashboard, carpeting, steering wheel, etc. You can leave the tires for later after the car is towed away and is safely in the junkyard. You can expect to make a good hundred dollars selling the metal to the junkyard and some more if you can sell the spare parts.