The Pests that Can Hurt Your Timber-An Analysis

Termite pest control is not only necessary in an old structure, but these pests are also capable of infesting new, improperly constructed edifices just as badly. Here are some measures you can take to control the number of those pests. Before you construct a building on woodland, remove all stumps and logs that show signs of decay in the surrounding areas, and burn them. Subterranean termites might be, in this case, numerous under the soil. You may have to plow deeply or break up and inject the soil itself with termiticide.If there are decaying posts, fences, or sidewalks in the vicinity, have them replaced or destroyed if possible. Any decaying material facilitates the growth and breeding of termite colonies. Termite pest control can also be practiced during the actual construction. The material for foundations must be of brick, stone, steel or concrete, including the pillars in the basement.Checkout read the full article for more info.

This will prevent the termites in the earth from burrowing into wooden materials. If using wooden materials cannot be entirely prevented, the timber should be treated before coming in contact with infested ground.Do not rest the bases of support of stairs and porches directly on the infested ground. It should stand on a rock or concrete foundation. The same holds true for windows and their panes in the basement. Make sure that no woodwork touches the ground directly; let it rest on concrete instead. Implementing these termite pest control measures during the actual building process, it will minimize the occurrence of major infestation problems in the future.